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How long are my household appliances support to last?

Here at Moston Lane Appliances we’ve been providing the people of Manchester with quality focussed appliance repair services for 22 years. From washing machines through to fridges, we’ve seen all the problems people run into with their appliances and are proud to offer a prompt and professional service to all of our customers.

A common question from our customers is how often they should expect to have to replace their appliances. We always advise that repair, rather than replacement, is the most economical way to go. When you’ve worked on as many appliances as we have you realise that even appliances which people think are beyond hope can often be salvaged with a little time and elbow grease. If you’re thinking of replacing one of your appliances be sure to give us a call and ask about repair first, you never know, it could save you a fair few pennies!

Getting an idea of how many years you can expect to get out of an appliance isn’t an exact science. A lot of it depends on the appliance itself, who it was manufactured by, whether it was correctly installed and how it has been maintained. Remember, we don’t mess around when it comes to stock, we sell only quality appliances even at our lowest price points, so no matter what your budget we’ll always sell you a product fit for your needs. Let’s take a look at some typical product lifespans for some of the most popular white goods in the UK.

Washing machine

Washing machines can vary greatly in the amount use they get. Someone living by themselves may use theirs once a week, whilst a family of 5 may use theirs daily. Assuming each user has a machine suited to their needs, a rough estimate would be about 10 years lifespan for a washing machine. Common failures include leaks and the drum ceasing to turn; usually an issue with the motor or the belt. Issues like this can usually be repaired, so if your machine has stopped spinning just give us a call.

Tumble Dryer

Dryers tend to last a little longer than washing machines since they don’t use water in the same way. Again, the exact lifespan you can expect varies a lot with usage, but on average you can expect around 14 years of service from a tumble dryer. If yours isn’t working as it should it could be as simple as a blocked pipe, give your local repair specialists a call and you might even be back up and running the same day.


It’s not always that obvious when ovens begin to go wrong. Yes, if your food stops cooking altogether it’s quite clear there is a problem, but when food simply takes longer to cook or doesn’t cook evenly it’s less black and white. You can expect 10-14 years from an oven, but you’ll extend this if you get in touch with a repair shop at the first sign of trouble. Minor faults such as a broken seal will put more wear on your oven and cause it to fail sooner, so it’s always cheaper to get them seen to soon.


Fridges are a real hassle when they go wrong, but some common problems can be fixed quite easily. Like ovens, problems with the door seal are going to put more strain on the appliance and cause it to break sooner, so get them look at as soon as possible. Assuming it’s reasonable care is taken, you can expect a good 15 years of service from a fridge.

Questions about your appliances? If you’ve spotted some telltale signs of failure, give us a call right away and we’ll give you an honest, no obligation review of your options. If we can repair it, we’ll never try to flog you a new one, we believe in honesty, integrity and great customer service. Get in touch today for help with your appliances.

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Do I need to replace my fridge?

Have you ever stopped to consider where we would be without our fridges? Are you considering it now? It’s a nightmare scenario isn’t it, a home without a fridge, filled with spoiled food, melted butter and the rest.

Fridges are one of those household appliances that we tend to take for granted until they go wrong. No-one wants to be stuck with a broken fridge, so it’s worth checking in with yours every now and then to ensure that it’s not about to kick the bucket. Still, if you’re unlucky enough to have a fridge that has recently lost it’s cool, don’t panic, you be amazing at what the team at Moston Lane Appliances can do. (more…)

Washing Machines Spring Cleaning

We’re big fans of spring cleaning here at Moston Lane Appliances. It’s a great excuse to let all that lovely sunshine in, get your space looking lovely and enjoy some fresh air. There’s loads you can do, hoovering, dusting, chucking out old rubbish you aren’t using anymore, getting out the spring bedding and probably getting through a whole load of laundry too.


Do I need to replace my washing machine?

This is one of the great questions of our time. A dependable washing machine will last for many years, so it is understandable that you might not want to upgrade if yours still seems to be going strong. On the other hand, washing machine models have come a long way in the last ten years, and when you factor in various improvements in efficiency, you might actually be saving money by investing in a new one.


Should I repair or replace my dishwasher?

This is a time old question, first posited by the ancient greeks in their quest for truth and knowledge. Possibly.

There are many factors to consider, the first and most obvious of which is cost. Depending on your situation, it may be cheaper to repair your existing washing machine, or invest in a new one.

The lifespan of your washing machine will naturally depend on what type you previously went for, your level of use and other environmental factors such as the hardness of your water (limescale is the scourge of the dishwasher repair industry). A little regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way to getting more from your machine. A pro-tip is to run a little dishwasher cleaner through the machine every now and then to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance from it. (more…)