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Are humans becoming less violent and more altruistic, or are we just getting better at cleaning our clothes?

A few years ago, Steven Pinker released a book called The Better Angels of Our Nature: a history of violence and humanity. In it he uses in-depth statistical analysis to argue that life was much more brutal during the times of tribal warfare and slavery, and thanks to the spread of government, literacy, trade, and cosmopolitanism that came out of the European Enlightenment project, most societies are much more peaceful now.


Oven not working?


It’s very frustrating when an oft used kitchen appliance turns out to be not quite as dependable as you believed.

Electrical Ovens are naturally designed to cope with very high temperatures, but this inevitably means that some of components will wear out eventually. There are a number of reasons why an oven may not be fully functional, here are some of the more common problems we encounter. If you aren’t quite sure what the issue is, feel free to give us a ring, a lot of the time we can diagnose the issue over the phone.


Home washer dryer repairs

Black Friday Repairs Service

As Black Friday continues to grow, completely replacing each of Dante’s nine circles of Hell and turning the rest of our lives into a Black Mirror Christmas special, Moston Lane Appliances stands alone against the forces of darkness, our dependable and reasonably priced white goods protecting us against a world of uncertainty and crony capitalism. (more…)

Washing Machine Repairs World Peace

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between actual political news and Daily Mash articles these days, you may have missed an important moment in international diplomacy a few weeks ago in which a humble washing machine took centre stage… of the world stage.

At the end of September, in what has to be noted as a cautionary tale for anyone involved in the dissemination of facetious blogs or articles, Boris Johnson was sent to Turkey in his new role as British foreign secretary to meet President Erdogan, a man who only a few months earlier he had compared to a goat and labelled as a w****r in order to make a limerick rhyme for a poetry competition held by The Spectator (technically it’s impossible to be both, but Johnson’s Oxford degree was in Classic Banter- or Classics, as it’s also known- not Biology).


Ex Washing Machina

Our washing machines will never develop consciousness and then try to kill you when they realise the human race has outlived its purpose- That’s the Moston Lane Appliances promise.

We’ve all been there- it’s the end of the week and you’re out with your friends at the pub. YOU’RE HAVING A GOOD TIME. Buoyed by a very successful load of washing recently completed by your shiny new machine bought at a very competitive rate at a friendly local business located on Moston Lane, you turn to them and say, ‘My washing machine is so good it’s a wonder it doesn’t gradually start completing more and more of my menial tasks until it just takes over every aspect of my life, replacing me completely and starting a white goods based utopia.’ (more…)

Three Tips for Minimizing Home Appliance Repairs in the Event of a Global Zombie Apocalypse

Nobody is more reliable than us when it comes to appliance repairs.


Just look at our Google Reviews. HOWEVER, if the world’s major population centers are suddenly hit by a contagious virus characterised by its sufferers developing a taste for human flesh, there’s a chance our phone lines might be busy.