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Our tips to keep your fridge freezer running through the summer

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Sterling is plummeting, Trump is on the rise and our footballers got confused and Brexited Euro 2016 by losing to a nation so small that about ten percent of its population was in the stadium. If these are indeed signs of a coming global apocalypse (I put £20 on it so fingers crossed), you won’t want to be left in the lurch without a fully operational fridge freezer, believe me. Here are some tips to make sure that while the next door neighbours are drawing straws to decide who gets eaten first, you’re putting the finishing touches on Jamie Oliver’s salmon and couscous recipe. (more…)

Why is my fridge not working?

Fridge on the blink? Here’s a list of possible faults with some tips on how to fix them.

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Your coils are knackered

As the philosopher and all-around depressing quote machine Arthur Schopenhauer wryly noted as his previously dependable refrigerator was being inspected by a repairman, ‘Once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.’ What he didn’t realise was that the repairman was thinking, ‘That hill would have been a lot higher if you’d cleaned the bloody condenser coils once in a while.’ Naturally he kept this thought to himself lest he be drawn into a debate about the metaphysics of white goods. (more…)

Top tips to maintain your washing machine

The right washing machine will last you years, but if you want to make the most of an investment like this, you’ll have to be willing to put a bit of work in every so often to make sure it maintains a decent level of performance. As you can imagine, a certain number of the call outs we get are for faults caused by general wear and tear that could be avoided by carrying out some routine maintenance every now and then.