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We provide a friendly and reliable electrical appliance repairs service to homes and businesses across Manchester. If you want to see some testimonials from our satisfied customers, just check out the reviews on our Google listing.

With nearly thirty years of experience in the industry, and the personal touch that can only come from a family run business, we’re your one stop shop for appliance repairs. We can normally diagnose most problems over the phone, which helps us to complete each job as quickly as possible. We work hard to minimise the inconvenience caused to you when an appliance you rely on suddenly stops working.

We stock and carry a huge range of parts and can source rarer parts from Euronics, so you can count on us to repair even the most obscure models of electrical appliance. We have maintained our excellent reputation over the years by providing our customers with honest advice on whether to repair or replace their faulty electrical appliances, and we won’t bore you with sales babble. When the time does come to replace an old model, you can see a carefully selected range in our Moston showroom and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have so you can find the right one for you.

Washing Machine Repairs

It can be a massive inconvenience when your washing machine stops working, and that’s why you should call us at Moston Lane Appliances when it does! As well as being able to diagnose most common faults over the phone, we can also give you practical advice on the best long term solution. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to replace your old machine, particularly when you consider the increases in efficiency you can get from a newer model.

All our washing machine repairs come with a 12 month guarantee, and we always provide customers with a two hour window for call outs, so you won’t have to wait around all day for us to turn up.

Oven Repairs

Our oven repairs service will have your oven back up and running as quickly as possible. We can repair almost any type of oven, so give us a call if yours stops working. Whether it’s the fan, thermostat or a dodgy door causing the problem, we have access to a huge range of parts via our partnership with Euronics, so we’re your best bet when your oven stops doing its job.

We can sometimes help you fix your problem over the phone, but if not we’re normally available to visit within 24 hours. If you think it’s time to find a new oven, we’d be happy to help with that too.

Dishwasher Repairs

If your dishwasher’s on the blink, give us a call. There’s only a certain number of things that can go wrong with this type of appliance, so we should be able to find a solution within 24 hours of your call. Sometimes if your dishes aren’t being cleaned properly the problem is with your plumbing rather than the dishwasher, so it’s important to call a reliable repairs service to avoid wasting your time!

Whether your dishwasher is noisier than it used to be, won’t start, isn’t cleaning dishes properly, isn’t draining or drying dishes properly, and a whole host of other common faults, Moston Lane Appliances can give you a helping hand!

Fridge Repairs

We are well equipped to deal with any type of issue you might be having with your fridge, and can diagnose most issues over the phone. Whether you’ve got a leaky gasket, faulty seal or a damaged condenser, we can find spare parts for almost any model from the stock we keep in shop or through the Euronics website.

Normally your fridge should last you at least ten years, and if yours is at the end of its run we can help you find a replacement. Updating your model is likely save you money month to month in terms of your electricity bills, so pop into our store or take a look on our website to see what we have in stock.

Freezer Repairs

There are a few common faults that can cause your freezer to stop working properly, and sometimes we’ll be able to help you fix the problem over the phone. For example, it might just be that you’ve packed everything in there too tightly and it’s caused the evaporator fan to stop working properly. Sometimes a leaky gasket can cause your freezer to run constantly, and an easy test for this is if you try putting a five pound note between the gasket and the frame of the freezer as you close the door. If it slides out easily, then you need a new door gasket.

If you do require any replacement parts, we should be able to diagnose the fault before we arrive at your home or business, allowing us to fix the problem within 24 hours.

Fridge Freezer Repairs

Sometimes your handy fridge freezer stops being so handy. When it does, we’re here to help! Even if you have a relatively obscure model we can source rarer parts through Euronics, so we’ll help you to get your fridge freezer back up and running again as soon as possible.

Whether you have a condenser fault, dodgy evaporator coils or if there’s some kind of problem with your thermostat, Moston Lane Appliances will find you the best solution for your fridge freezer woes. If it’s time to replace your model, we’d be more than happy to advise you on that too.

Tumble Dryer Repairs

When your tumble dryer suddenly stops working, there can be a number of potential faults. If it’s still working but producing an unpleasant odour, this is often caused by lint/fluff build up in the dryer vent, which needs to be regularly maintained. If it has stopped working completely,  the heater or thermostat might be faulty or has just tripped.

For the more complicated problems, give us a call. We can normally diagnose any fault over the phone, and then fix the issue within a 24 hour window. If you need any spare parts, we stock a wide range in our shop in Moston and can find almost anything else through our partnership with Euronics.

Expert advice & Recommendations

We’ll always offer you the soonest available appointment, so if we can easily source any parts that might be required we can often carry out the repair in the same day.

Yes, we work with many landlords and agents on an ongoing basis.

We’ll normally determine the model of appliance over the phone to save time when we arrive. Occasionally, spare parts are difficult to find for older models but we can fix most appliances unless it would be cheaper to buy a new one!

We’re north Manchester-based but we cover the city centre and surrounding areas.

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