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We offer a quick, convenient fridge repair service, to get your home appliance backup to full speed across Manchester.

While fridges may not look like they actively do much, they play a key role in day to day life. So naturally, when it breaks down it can cause a surprising amount of frustration. We are a family-run, independent appliances shop based on Moston Lane and we also offer a call out repair service for fridges, amongst other appliances. With many years of experience, we can often diagnose common issues over the phone, giving you honest advice on how best to solve your refrigeration frustration.

As a stockist of Euronics parts, we carry many of the common components that enable us to fix your fridge. We can do this on the first visit much of the time but can quickly courier in more specialist parts if the situation requires. As a small, local business, you can be sure of a rapid response time and a friendly face as we pop by to solve your refrigeration woes. We’ve been a part of the Moston and Manchester communities for more than 15 years so we’re a tried and tested team.

We’re well acquainted with the sorts of issues that normally crop up for fridges. From leaks and issues with seals and gaskets to complete condenser care, we can help you get your fridge back on its feet. Where necessary, we can help sort out issues with the fridge door, ensuring smooth operation and a tight seal to help it keep cool. In some cases, electrical components may need repairing or replacing, such as fans or thermostats which ensure a stable and consistent temperature is maintained throughout the fridge.

We would expect, under normal circumstances, a fridge should last around 10 years under normal home use. Of course this can vary significantly based on your specific model usage. In some cases it may be more cost effective to replace a fridge than to repair it. We’ll be on hand to help you run through the options and outline the possible solutions for you. We can also help you get up and running with a replacement, from our online store.

To get in touch with our friendly, helpful repair team, contact us today.

Expert advice & Recommendations

This can occur when appliances are on placed on hard flooring or are uneven. Check the appliance isn’t unbalanced, and if the problem continues, give us a call.

This can happen in some models when the temperature is set too low. The dial which controls the temperature is usually numbered 1-5. If it’s set to 5, that’s the coldest temperature and it might end up freezing any food stored towards the back of the device.

This happens normally during hot weather, and it’s probably nothing to worry about. Just make sure the device is level, the seal is working properly and there isn’t anything blocking the doors.

As long as your model doesn’t have a metal grid on the back of it, this is fine. If it does, you risk damaging the unit if you don’t leave at least an inch of space between the fridge and the wall.

We’ll always offer you the soonest available appointment, so if we can easily source any parts that might be required we can often carry out the repair in the same day.

Yes, we work with many landlords and agents on an ongoing basis.

We’ll normally determine the model of appliance over the phone to save time when we arrive. Occasionally, spare parts are difficult to find for older models but we can fix most appliances unless it would be cheaper to buy a new one!

We’re north Manchester-based but we cover the city centre and surrounding areas.

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