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We can help you make the right decision with your appliances

We’re your local, independent appliances shop. There are a number of advantages to popping by and having a look at our selection of home appliances. We only stock the products we believe in, and our friendly staff can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, without trying to upsell you things you don’t need. As a smaller business we rely on our reputation so customer service is always important to us, whether we’re out on a repairs job or helping people upgrade their current appliances.

It certainly seems logical to hold onto your washing machine or fridge until it fails, even if you’ve had the same model for years. But when you consider the improvements in terms of efficiency that continue to be made with all kinds of electrical goods, it might not be the best option, for your pocket or for the environment.

We’re local

Just pop by our shop. Where is it you ask? You’ll find our splendid little showroom on Moston Lane. Right where you’d expect it to be. Being close saves you time, and of course, time is money. So you’re quids in just by visiting. Also, our location means you can avoid the inevitable traffic nightmare of trying to get in and out of the city centre.

We’re independent

We’re an independent business, not a big chain. There are a few advantages to this fact. Mostly it means we are genuine, friendly and knowledgeable people, and we enjoy doing what we do. We’ve got the Google reviews to prove it!

We offer refurbished appliances at a cheaper rate compared to our new models, and we have ongoing support and repair services available.

So, why not pop in today so you can see things in person?

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