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Tips to keep your fridge-freezer running through the summer

26th Sep 2019

Sterling is plummeting, Trump is on the rise and our footballers got confused and Brexited Euro 2016 by losing to a nation so small that about ten percent of its population was in the stadium. If these are indeed signs of a coming global apocalypse (I put £20 on it so fingers crossed), you won’t want to be left in the lurch without a fully operational fridge freezer, believe me. Here are some tips to make sure that while the next door neighbours are drawing straws to decide who gets eaten first, you’re putting the finishing touches on Jamie Oliver’s salmon and couscous recipe.

Keep it clean

The front grill should be dust free to allow air flow to the condenser, and the condenser coil itself needs to be kept clean or your fridge will soon be joining all its appliance pals up in white goods heaven. Here’s the Citizen Kane of condenser cleaning videos.

Give it space

Make sure your refrigerator isn’t pushed up against a wall so air can circulate freely and heat from your lovely, clean condensers can be easily dispersed.

Make sure the door is closing properly

Fridge freezers use a lot of energy compared to other appliances so you’ll want to make sure yours is running efficiently unless the economy has completely collapsed by the time you’re reading this. With repeated use, gaskets and seals can become leaky. To test your door, hold a piece of paper or a five pound note (if you haven’t burned them all) between the door frame and close the door. If you can pull it out easily, the seal or gasket may need replacing.

Keep food covered

Cover liquids and wrap foods before storing them. Uncovered food and beverages release moisture into the unit making the compressor work harder. Skip this step if like Donald Trump you believe that ‘the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.’

If all else fails, buy a new one

If you believed that conspiracy theory about global warming you’ll probably raise an eyebrow at this suggestion since we happen to sell fridge freezers, but hear me out. Appliances like these are becoming increasingly efficient, so if you’ve had the same model for a long time it will definitely save you money on your electricity bill in the long run. Drop in to our shop or take a look at some of the models we have available here.

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