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Why is my fridge not working?

26th Sep 2019

Your coils are knackered

As the philosopher and all-around depressing quote machine Arthur Schopenhauer wryly noted as his previously dependable refrigerator was being inspected by a repairman, ‘Once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.’ What he didn’t realise was that the repairman was thinking, ‘That hill would have been a lot higher if you’d cleaned the bloody condenser coils once in a while.’ Naturally he kept this thought to himself lest he be drawn into a debate about the metaphysics of white goods.

Don’t be a Schopenhauer. You can extend the life of your washing machine and save some money in the process, which is particularly important if nobody is going to read any of your books until you pop your proverbial clogs (the clogs are very much the condenser coils of the human body).

Your fridge requires very little maintenance, but you should clean its condenser coils once a year to ensure you’re not suddenly left in the lurch without a place to safely store your food. As Ral Donner sang while wistfully staring at his defunct refrigerator, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got, until you lose it.’

It won’t stop running

Fridges use a lot of power compared to other appliances, but they should be able to maintain the correct temperature without constantly running. If yours seems to always be on (like Schopenhauer at a cocktail party), this useful blog has some tips for what might be causing that kind of fault and how you can fix it.

The door doesn’t seal properly

This is another common fault that can lead to expensive electricity bills. As with all problems in life, there’s a Youtube video with all the answers.

The light doesn’t turn off

It’s the first question your undergraduate philosophy tutor asks the class, ‘If the door is closed and nobody is there to see it, is your refrigerator light still on?’ If you do suspect that the fridge light is staying on when the door’s closed, you might be having a very mild psychotic event, or you might be completely right. It’s not my place to judge. This blog could help.

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