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Ideally we would all buy our appliances and be done with them, set them up and never think about them again. Unfortunately in the real world from time to time things do go wrong, usually without warning! There’s nothing worse than preparing a delicious meal only to discover that the oven has packed in. At Moston Lane Appliances we’ve dealt with the repair of almost every type of oven that exists, so when your oven starts to go haywire don’t panic, just give us a call. After a quick chat we’ll have you back up and running in no time. Often we can even work out what’s wrong over the phone.

Oven repairs for electrical faults Manchester

Whilst we may still occasionally encounter oven issues we haven’t come across before, faulty ovens usually fall into a few common categories. Whether you have an idea what is wrong on or don’t have the faintest, we’ll always be delighted to help repair it. These are some of the more common problems we’re used to taking care of, but don’t worry if your issue isn’t listed here, we’ve yet to find an oven we can’t fix!

Oven repairs for strange noises Manchester

There’s a loud noise coming from my oven: If there’s a faint knocking sound, low rumbling or your oven has started to sound like a tractor it’s usually an issue with the fan. We stock a full range of spare parts suitable to repair problems like this. If we don’t have what you need in stock today we’ll get it ordered right away. Just look for the brand on the front of your oven and any model numbers or codes you can find then give us a call.

Oven repairs for heatup issues Manchester

My oven isn’t heating up: One of the more annoying problems that can happen, but not always a difficult fix. Often this is just the result of a dodgy sensor, thermostat or fuse. Once we know what type of oven you have we can pop over with some spare parts and usually have you back up and running quickly.

My oven is taking too long to heat up: If your oven used to heat up quickly but now seems to take forever, chances are the seals have worn down and are leaking out heat. This means the oven has to work a lot harder to get to temperature or in some cases can’t get there at all. Replacing seals is far from impossible but it’s worth getting it sorted out sooner rather than later because you’ll be using lots of electricity and putting more strain on the appliance otherwise.

Oven repairs for door issues Manchester

My oven door won’t close: Most often this is the result of a problem with the door hinges or locking mechanism. This isn’t usually a major problem but we might need to take a look at the door to figure out exactly what has happened.

These are just some of the issues we’ve run into over the years, but it’s not a comprehensive list. Whatever fault you’re experiencing with your oven just give us a call and we’ll get you back up and running. Most oven issues can be repaired, but in the worst case scenario we can also do you a great deal on a replacement.

Expert advice & Recommendations

We stock a range of ovens of different sizes and power ratings. We’d be happy to find a replacement that fits your needs. Feel free to give us a call to discuss.

We can repair most leading brands of oven and many of the smaller brands too. Get in touch with some details of your appliance and we’ll confirm if we can repair it.

We’ll always offer you the soonest available appointment, so if we can easily source any parts that might be required we can often carry out the repair in the same day.

Yes, we work with many landlords and agents on an ongoing basis.

We’ll normally determine the model of appliance over the phone to save time when we arrive. Occasionally, spare parts are difficult to find for older models but we can fix most appliances unless it would be cheaper to buy a new one!

We’re north Manchester-based but we cover the city centre and surrounding areas.

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