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Live and let dry

Did you know- and I bet you didn’t- that a Frenchman named Pochons invented the earliest ancestor of the modern tumble dryer in 1799? They’ve come a long way since then, especially when you consider that Pochon’s ‘ventilator’ would sometimes cover your clothes in soot or leave them smelling of smoke. Would you rather have damp, mouldy clothes or do you prefer the chimney cleaner look? It’s a difficult choice, but fortunately it’s not one many of us have to make these days. Unless your dryer goes kaput, that is.

That’s where we come in! We have plenty of experience repairing electrical appliances, and we can have your dryer fully operational in no time. In fact, we can diagnose most problems over the phone. We always aim to make an appointment within 24 hours of receiving a call, and if you need a new part we can have it ordered as quickly as any other repairs service.

Common faults and fixes

If you want to have a go at fixing the problem yourself, we can give you a few quick pointers – remember to unplug the device before you start! The most common fault you might find with a dryer is that the drum is spinning but it doesn’t seem to be producing any heat. This could be a caused by a number of things. If the motor is running but the drum isn’t spinning, you’ve probably got a broken belt.

Whether you need a replacement fuse, thermostat or any other spare part, we can sort that out for you. Sometimes it might be worth getting a new machine, and if that’s the case we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. You can look at our carefully selected range of dryers and washer dryers elsewhere on our website, and if you want to come in and have a look for yourself then visit our store on Moston Lane. Our online testimonials speak for themselves, and we won’t pressure you into buying something you regret. As a family run business we’ve relied on word of mouth to build a strong customer base. Come and find out why so many people choose us over the bigger chains. For our fast and friendly repairs service, give us a ring now.

Expert advice & Recommendations

We do provide repairs for condenser tumble dryers as well as vented machines. Get in touch with details of your make/model and a description of the fault and we’ll let you know what we can do to help.

We can repair most leading brands of tumble dryer and can usually repair many of the smaller brands too. Send over an email with details of your machine and we’ll confirm if we can fix it and whether we have the parts in stock.

We’ll always offer you the soonest available appointment, so if we can easily source any parts that might be required we can often carry out the repair in the same day.

Yes, we work with many landlords and agents on an ongoing basis.

We’ll normally determine the model of appliance over the phone to save time when we arrive. Occasionally, spare parts are difficult to find for older models but we can fix most appliances unless it would be cheaper to buy a new one!

We’re north Manchester-based but we cover the city centre and surrounding areas.

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