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Washing Machines Spring Cleaning

We’re big fans of spring cleaning here at Moston Lane Appliances. It’s a great excuse to let all that lovely sunshine in, get your space looking lovely and enjoy some fresh air. There’s loads you can do, hoovering, dusting, chucking out old rubbish you aren’t using anymore, getting out the spring bedding and probably getting through a whole load of laundry too.

Now if you have already made a start on your house’s seasonal survey, you may have been putting your washing machine through it’s paces more than usual. Getting all your fun summer clothes out as well as keeping on top of the usual household laundry, from sweaty bedding to bucket loads of towels, you may be starting to push your trusted household appliances to their limit.

Even washing machines themselves can do with an occasional spring clean. Yes, sometimes you need to turn the tables and clean the cleaner! Spring cleaning time is as a good a time as ever to do this, whilst everything else is getting done. So, how do you get started? Read on!

First of all we strongly suggest you clean behind and under your washing machine. Moving it can be a bit of a pain, make sure you do it safely as they can be a little heavy. You might need to spend a few minutes ensuring it’s properly levelled once you put it back in position – remember they’re not actually designed to shake the foundations like that… But more to the point get all that muck cleaned up from under and around the machine, it’s disgusting! While you’re there, make a quick spot check under the machine. The area should be done dry, or you may have a leak on your hands.

Whilst you’ve got the machine out of it’s usual spot, give the pipes and surrounding area a quick check for any signs of drips, moisture or damp. The advice from most manufacturers is that these will need replacing every 5 years, but even if it’s sooner than that the last thing anyone wants is a leak because they’re a right pain to clean up, so best to give the pipes a quick check just in case!

Once you’ve put it back into position why not take the opportunity to give it a spin on a high temperature with no load? This will make sure anything that has built up inside the machine from months or years of washing at 30 or 40 degrees is eliminated. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with washing at 30 of course, but giving the machine a blast at a high temperature is a handy way to kill off anything than might survive a 30 wash. Check your detergent tray too, mould and mildew can quickly take hold in there. Most of these simply pop out with a little wiggle so you can stick them under the tap and give them a quick scrub.

If your washing machine is starting to show its age then it might be worth thinking about a refurb or even a replacement. It probably won’t cost anywhere near as much as you think and machines these days are much cheaper and quieter to run than those of yesteryear, so you may end up making a saving in the long run. We’d be more than happy to help you find something that will do the job you need at a wallet-friendly price. If you’d prefer to stick with your old machine but think it could do with an MOT, then give us a call for a chat with one of our friendly technicians and we’ll figure out what we can do to help.